During the official Main Sale phase, here at BRIC INVEST you can order AIM Tokens with a 20% Bonus PLUS an exclusive 5% new customer premium! This means you will receive 10.41 Tokens per each USD invested!

Please make your binding order via the following form. We will process your order immediately and send you your invoice PDF.

Upon receival of your invoice you pay for your purchase in USD stating the invoice number we have provided.

Investors investing more than 10.000,00 USD (or equivalent in EUR / BTC / ETH / LTC) will receive an additional bonus of 5%

Investors holding the AIM Token for more than 1 year will receive another 25% bonus


Note - Payment in cryptocurrencies/EUR:

In case you want to pay with BTC / ETH / LTC / EUR, simply enter your investment request in the appropriate cryptocurrency (and ignore the USD information) and select the desired currency using the following checkbox menu. Since the conversion is based on the daily price, no countervalue will be displayed in tokens. We'll redirect your order directly to Aimedis so you can take advantage of our bonus. Please note that other minimal investments apply for payment with cryptocurrencies.

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